TC-Python Introductory Course

This two-day training course will introduce and teach TC-Python, our Python-based API which also allows users to openly couple Thermo-Calc calculations with other software using the easy-to-learn programming language Python.

The course is divided into two days:

Day One is for Thermo-Calc users who have little or no experience using Python and for those who need help in setting up the TC-Python environment on their own computer. This day will cover how to set up your environment and teach the basics of Python. No previous knowledge of Python is required for this day, but users should be familiar with working in Thermo-Calc. 

Day Two will teach about TC-Python. Day two is open to users who have previous experience working in Python and those who attend day one of the course. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not familiar with Python or you do not have a working TC-Python environment, you must attend day one of the course in order to attend day two.

Day 1 Content 

  • Python virtual environments
  • Anaconda distribution
  • Installation of TC-Python and running a basic example
  • Introduction to Pycharm IDE, including debugging and autocompletion
  • Introduction to Python, including basic data structures, functions and classes 

Day 2 Content 

  • Architecture of TC-Python
  • Typical workflow taught through examples
  • Exception handling
  • Using included examples to solve advanced use-case problems
  • Explaining each calculation module with time for hands on training 

Additional Information 

The training course is hands-on with each participant working at their own computer. We recommend that you bring your own computer so that you can set up your TC-Python environment. Computers will be provided for use at no additional cost to those who do not bring their own or who do not have the TC-Python environment set up. 

The course will be a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. 

The course is taught in English. 

Printed course material and digital example files are given out.

Lunch and refreshments are also included in the course fee.

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TC-Python Introductory Course
Stockholm, Sweden
August 29
August 30
Last registration date*
August 16
Max capacity

*Courses may fill up ahead of time, so if you are interested in attending, please reserve your space early to avoid disappointment.