How to Cite Thermo-Calc Products

It can be difficult to know how to reference the tools used to calculate results that are to be published. Below are suggestions about how to reference Thermo-Calc products in a publication.

General reference to Thermo-Calc and DICTRA (as of June 2016 DICTRA is also referred to as the Diffusion Module):

  • Andersson J.O., Helander T., Höglund L., Shi P.F., and Sundman B., (2002). Thermo-Calc and DICTRA, Computational tools for materials science. Calphad, 26, 273-312.
  • It is also recommended to include the software version number, for example, Thermo-Calc version 2020b. Now that the Add-on Modules are included in the software, this is the only version citation required. 

Specific references for the DICTRA homogenization model in Thermo-Calc:

  • Larsson, H., (2014). ‘A Model for 1D Multiphase Moving Phase Boundary Simulations under Local Equilibrium Conditions’, Calphad, 47, 1–8.
  • Larsson, Henrik, and Lars Höglund, (2009). ‘Multiphase Diffusion Simulations in 1D Using the DICTRA Homogenization Model’, Calphad, 33, 495–501.

For other concepts and Add-on Modules it is suggested you reference the documentation. For example:

  • Name of the guide + version number + (accessed date month year)


  • The Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) User Guide 2020b (accessed 30 June 2020)
  • The TQ-Interface SDK Programmer’s Guide 2020b (accessed 30 June 2020)
  • Thermo-Calc Documentation Set, version 2020b (accessed 30 June 2020)

General reference to databases:

  • In text: Thermo-Calc Software + Database Name + version number
  • In a list of references: [number] Thermo-Calc Software [Database Name] version [number], (accessed date-month-year)


  • In text:
    • Thermo-Calc Software TCFE Steels/Fe-alloys database version 10, or
    • Thermo-Calc Software TCFE10 Steels/Fe-alloys database
  • In a list of references:
    • [number] Thermo-Calc Software TCFE Steels/Fe-alloys database version 10 (accessed 23 January 2020), or
    • [number] Thermo-Calc Software TCFE10 Steels/Fe-alloys database (accessed 23 January 2020)

DICTRA and TC-PRISMA Renamed as Add-on Modules

The integration of TC-PRISMA into Thermo-Calc in 2016a has prompted a module-based approach to naming these powerful features that require Thermo-Calc as the core software.

Diffusion 2016 RGB Website 01In order to make it clearer as to how these two modules enhance the Thermo-Calc software, DICTRA has been renamed to the Diffusion Module (DICTRA). Although the DICTRA name is well-known and established in the literature, this module-based approach more clearly defines how DICTRA and Thermo-Calc work together.


TCPRISMA 2016 RGB Website 01The same concept applies to TC-PRISMA, which is now called the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA). It is particularly relevant to this add-on module because when you purchase a license for the Precipitation Module you get the Precipitation Calculator. The Precipitation Calculator is integrated into the Graphical Mode interface, which is part of the Thermo-Calc tree structure and calculation engines and not a standalone piece of software.