Thermo-Calc Training

This two-day training course will introduce and teach two different modes of Thermo-Calc software: the Graphical Mode and the Console Mode. The Console Mode is the legacy mode with a versatile command line interface. The Graphical Mode is a modern, easy-to-use interface which is becoming more powerful with each new release.

No previous knowledge of Thermo-Calc or computational thermodynamics is necessary. Some familiarity with materials science, thermodynamics and/or metallurgy is an advantage but not a requirement.

The course is taught in English. 

You will learn how to calculate and plot or tabulate stable and meta-stable phase equilibria, property diagrams and phase diagrams of multicomponent alloys and much more using the latest version of Thermo-Calc.  You will also learn how to effectively use Macro Files and Project Windows in order to perform, save and share complex calculations.

There will be a condensed theory section introducing thermodynamic databases and the CALPHAD methodology.

The training course is hands-on with each participant working at their own computer. Much of the presentations will be in the form of teacher-led exercises. The language is English.

Printed course material and digital example files are given out. Lunch and refreshments are also included in the course fee.

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Schedule Note: Schedules are not exact and will vary.

Day 1

09:00 Introduction

09:15 Overview of Thermo-Calc

10:00 Underlying principles of CALPHAD and Thermo-Calc

11:00 The Thermo-Calc Graphical Mode

11:15 Single Point Equilibrium

12:45 Lunch break

13:45 Stepping / Property Diagrams

14:45 Mapping: Binary, Ternary and Multicomponent Phase Diagrams

16:00 Scheil-Gulliver Solidification simulations

17:00 End of day 1


Day 2

09:00 Questions from day 1

09:10 Thermo-Calc Console Mode: structure and modules

09:40 Single Equilibrium Calculations

10:45 Macro files

11:00 Stepping / Property Diagrams

12:00 Mapping: Binary Phase Diagrams

12:45 Lunch break

13:45 Mapping: Multicomponent Phase Diagrams

14:45 Exercise: Liquidus Temperature for a tool steel

15:30 Applied examples

17:00 End of day 2


Thermo-Calc Training
Stockholm, Sweden
Råsundavägen 18, 169 67 Solna
October 19
October 20
Last registration date*
October 05
Target audience
Students, Researchers
Max capacity

*Courses may fill up ahead of time, so if you are interested in attending, please reserve your space early to avoid disappointment.