Diffusion module (DICTRA) Training

This two-day course for new and experienced users teaches you hands-on how to solve engineering types of problems involving diffusional transformation using the Diffusion module (DICTRA).

Multicomponent diffusion theory and mobility databases are also discussed in the course.

Some prior knowledge of basic diffusion theory, thermodynamics and phase transformations in materials is an advantage but not a requirement. The same is true for experience using Thermo-Calc.

The course will be given in the form of teacher-led exercises covering many different types of Diffusion module (DICTRA) simulations. In addition to this, there will also be lectures on diffusion theory and Diffusion module (DICTRA) concepts and some time for individual work on the computer.

The language is English.

For information or registration, email us at courses@thermocalc.com

Schedule Note: Schedules are not exact and will vary.

Day 1

09.00 Introduction to the Diffusion module (DICTRA)

One-Phase Diffusion module (DICTRA)-calculations
10.00 Example - Up-hill diffusion in the Fe-Si-C system
11.00 Example - Simulation with boundary conditions and cylindrical geometry

Moving Phase Boundary calculations
13.00 Introduction
13.15 Example – Simulation of solidification of a multi-component steel
15.00 Example - Carbide dissolution for a ternary Fe-Cr-C alloy

Day 2

Diffusion theory
09.00 Multicomponent diffusion theory and Mobility databases

​Dispersed system calculations
10.30 Example - Interdiffusion in a compound material

The homogenisation model
12.15 Example – Ferrite to austenite transformation
14.00 What to do when things go wrong
14.30 Possibility of own work

Diffusion module (DICTRA) Training
Stockholm, Sweden
Råsundavägen 18, 169 67 Solna
October 21
October 22
Last registration date*
October 05
Target audience
Students, Researchers
Max capacity

*Courses may fill up ahead of time, so if you are interested in attending, please reserve your space early to avoid disappointment.