Training Courses

Thermo-Calc, DICTRA, TC-PRISMA and TC-Python training courses are offered by Thermo-Calc Software on a regular basis in both Sweden and the USA. Training opportunities are also being offered in other countries through our local partners.

In-person Courses Cancelled

Due to concerns about COVID-19, Thermo-Calc Software has made the decision to cancel our regular in-person training. 

Online Training

We have transformed much of the training material from our in-person courses into comprehensive online training courses, which we will offer for the first time this fall. The courses will be shorter in duration when given online and will focus almost entirely on the Graphical Mode of our software tools. The courses will be given over several days, with 3 hours per day plus some additional homework. The time each day will be 9 - 12 CET (Central European Time).  These online courses will not be free of charge, but considerably cheaper than the standard in-person training.



  • SWEDEN - ONLINE: October - November 2020

  • thermo-calc-triangle-logo

    Thermo-Calc Training Online

    October 19 - October 21, Location: Online, broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden

  • logo of the diffusion module (dictra)

    Diffusion Module (DICTRA) Training Online

    October 26 - October 28, Location: Online, broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden

  • logo of the precipitation module

    Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) Training Online

    November 02 - November 03, Location: Online, broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden