Thermo-Calc Software periodically provides updates between releases when there are bug fixes or improvements that cannot wait for a full Release.

To learn about complete releases, visit our Release page.

Automatic Updates

You can set your software to automatically check for updates upon start up.
From within the software select Tools > Options and set "Check update interval" to "On start up". 

How to Update 

  • If you have Automatic Updates activated, the software will inform you of the update upon start up.
  • If you do not have Automatic Updates activated, click Help > Check for update.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, please contact your local representative or email us at info@thermocalc.com.  

2016-03-29 - update to 2015b

This update includes improvements in the following areas of the software:

  • General
  • Graphics/Plots
  • System Definer
  • Scheil Module
  • Linux and Mac Installations
  • Databases - TCSLD 3.1.1
  • Project Files and Saving
  • Examples
  • End User License Agreement

Read the Release Notes that accompany this update for a complete description of the bug fixes. 

2015-08-27 - update to 2015a

You can only update these patches if you have an active license for the relevant databases.

  • TCFE8 Patch
    • A revision of the liquid description in the Fe-C-Si system to improve cast iron phase equilibria
    • The addition of some TYPE_DEFINITION keywords required for compatibility with DICTRA. For more information about TYPE_DEFINITION, see the Thermo-Calc Database Manager User Guide.
  • TCNI8 Patch
    • The phase ALTI3_DO19 has been fixed in the Ni-Ti phase diagram when using the BIN module/Binary calculation in Thermo-Calc. It had been appearing incorrectly in TCNI6, TCNI7 and TCNI8.