Macro and Project Files

If you are having problems related to a calculation or have encountered other issues related to the software or databases, you can help us by providing as much information as possible.

One of the most efficient ways for us to address your support question is if you attach a file to your Support Request Form

These files may be project or macro files, or if you are working with SDKs, source code or scripts.

If you also think your problem might be related to a licensing or installation issue, you can further help us by providing your software's License information.

Project files

When you are using Graphical Mode with Thermo-Calc or the Add-on Diffusion and Precipitation Modules, you are working with a project file. All these files have the same file extension, *.TCU.

To save your project and all its settings and results, on the toolbar click Save. You do not need to save the file with calculated results.

Macro files

When you use Console Mode with Thermo-Calc or the Diffusion Module (DICTRA) you are working with macro files, which are plain text files used to save a sequence of commands that can be loaded and executed. 

  • Thermo-Calc macro files have the file extension *.TCM  
  • Diffusion Module (DICTRA) macro files have the file extension *.DCM  

When you have encounted a potential problem, your macro file may hold clues to guide our support team to provide you with solutions. 

Support requests: Copy the command sequence or attach the macro file

When submitting a support form, you can either copy and paste the text string from a macro file, which can be opened in any text editor, or attach a macro file to the form.

macro file can be automatically generated in Console Mode if in the SYS module the SET_LOG_FILE command is used and a log file name (with a file extension *.TCM) is given before any other SYS, DATA, TAB, GIBBS, POLY, POST, PARROT, or ED-EXP command or any special-module command (e.g. BIN, TERN, POTENTIAL, SCHEIL, POURBAIX, or REACTION). 

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

The SDKs available are TC-Python, TQ-Interface, and TC-Toolbox for MATLAB®.

If you are experiencing problems with these, please attach the source code/script to help our support with your query. For support with TC-Python, run the diagnostic script included on our TC-Python page and include it with your support request.