License and Installation Information

If you are having problems related to your installation you can help us by providing your basic license and diagnostic information available in Thermo-Calc.


In order to diagnose your problem, we need information from your Thermo-Calc program.

Site number

Your site number can also be found in the license information as well as on an invoice or any correspondence from Thermo-Calc.

License information

To access the basic license and diagnostic information:

  1. From the Thermo-Calc menu, select Help>Show License Info.
  2. Copy the information shown in the License Information window.
    Make sure to scroll to the end as lot of information may be shown below the initial screen.
    In Console Mode, you can also copy the same information by using the SYS module command DISPLAY_LICENSE_INFO.
  3. Paste the copied information into the Support Request Form.

Installation types

To determine the type of installation, you can search the Help in Thermo-Calc (Help>Online Help) or you can look at the installation guide in the license and installation types section.