Solder alloys

Our CALPHAD based software and databases allow accurate calculations of phase equilibria in multicomponent Pb-free solder alloys and their reaction with substrate or metallisation layer in electronic components.

A range of properties can easily be calculated, including:

  • Liquidus and solidus temperatures as a function of compositions
  • Isothermal or vertical section phase diagrams 
  • Amount and constitution of equilibrium phases
  • Thermodynamic driving force for the formation of IMCs
  • Scheil-Gulliver non-equilibrium solidification path

By using the Diffusion Module (DICTRA) in conjunction with a suitable mobility database, diffusion-controlled interface reactions during the soldering process can be simulated so that the reliability of solder joints can be predicted to a certain extent.

The most sophisticated database for this class of alloys is without any question the Thermo-Calc Solders database (TCSLD), but there are also other databases that may suit your specific needs.