Waste and Re-cycling

By designing alloys and materials with the end of the materials' life cycle in mind, one can develop materials to be more recyclable or have a lower environmental impact when disposed.

Recycling processes such as remelting scrap can be optimised to improve recovering yields and eliminate undesired elements, and sintering and incineration processes can be better understood in terms of their capturing (or releasing) of waste byproducts.

Some examples include:


  • Simulating the effects of chemistry on remelting of scrap
  • Predicting concentrations of hazardous emissions during sintering and incineration
  • Gaining insight into processability in the semi solid state
  • Understanding the effect of microsegregation during solidification
  • Modeling incineration of waste in molten baths
  • Simulating waste products in ground water
  • Modeling energy conservation during waste incineration from a heat of reaction perspective
  • Gaining insights into the recycling of electronic waste