hot metal being forged


Our modeling and simulation tools are used for many different purposes within the lifecycle of a material. From R&D efforts in developing new materials to addressing waste and re-cycling issues. Select the application that gives you challenges from the menu on the right and learn about how our products can support your specific needs.

The use of computational tools has exploded in recent years within the materials community. The benefits of using modeling and simulation tools such as ours include means for:

  • Better understanding of the material and its behavior during both processing and service
  • Accelerated development and implementation of new materials and processes
  • Innovative development, as computations allow a wider composition and temperature space to be considered compared to incremental development methods
  • Performing studies that are difficult or even impossible with an experimental approach

It may be difficult to quantify the benefits from an accelerated development, but several customer testimonies have proven that our modeling and simulation tools indeed possess the capability to offer a positive ROI.

Select the application that you have interest in from the menu on the right and learn about how others are using these tools and what potential benefits you may gain by applying them.