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QuesTek Europe

Thermo-Calc Software have partnered with the global leader in Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME), QuesTek International, to offer ICME modelling services and novel materials development and design services to the European market under the jointly founded company QuesTek Europe.

QuesTek Europe combines the proven ICME technology of QuesTek Innovations LLC, a subsidiary of QuesTek International LLC, known as Materials by Design® with the powerful software and databases found in the Thermo-Calc platform to offer accelerated alloy design and development services to organisations within Europe.

Superior Materials Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

Rapid advancements in technology are placing higher demands on materials, but the slow pace and high cost of trial-and-error testing and experiments prevent organisations from developing high performance materials fast enough to keep up with demand. The proprietary Materials by Design® approach closes this gap and provides a proven methodology for developing high performance novel materials and optimising existing materials faster and at a lower cost than with a traditional trial-and-error or experimental approach. 

The Materials by Design® methodology combines an Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) approach with proprietary software and databases to develop novel materials that are designed specifically for your organisation’s unique needs. 

QuesTek Europe's design service can help you achieve:

  • New or improved materials designed specifically for your unique needs
  • Improved production and processing to save time and cut down on waste
  • Reduced time-to-market when compared to a traditional trial-and-error or experimental approach  

Personalised Service

We work closely with our customers to meet the demands of your unique application. We can work with you to:

  • Design a new alloy, coating, powder (e.g., for additive manufacturing) or other material 
  • Model your existing material system or process to improve workflow or supply
  • Optimising the chemistry and thermal processing of legacy alloys to improve properties or reduce cost

Proven Success

The Materials by Design® approach is a proven successful methodology. Examples of this success include:

Award winning Ferrium® steels: Using the Materials by Design<® approach, QuesTek Innovations have developed a range of high performance alloys which are in use and commercially available, including their award winning line of ultra high performance Ferrium® steels. 

NIST-sponsored benchmarking case study: The success of the Materials by Design® approach was highlighted in a NIST-sponsored case study which details the rapid design of Ferrium M54® steel and deployment for a hook shank component for the U.S. Navy T-45 aircraft (shown below) which was developed and brought to market in under four years.  

T 45 Hook Shank Produced With Ferrium M54 Steel Cropped
T-45 hook shank produced with Ferrium M54 steel using the proprietary 
Materials by Design® methodology

More than 80 alloy development projects: QuesTek Innovations have extensive experience developing novel materials using the ICME and Materials by Design® approach. Read about over 80 materials development and modelling projects they have been awarded.  

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