Why Choose Thermo-Calc?

For more than 30 years, Thermo-Calc Software has been at the forefront of scientific software and databases for calculations involving thermodynamics, phase equilibria and diffusion controlled transformations.

The Thermo-Calc code stems from research conducted under the direction of Prof. Mats Hillert in the late seventies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, this software has been extended to not just cover computational thermodynamics of multicomponent systems, but also to consider diffusion controlled kinetics using the Diffusion module (DICTRA) and the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA). All the software is still being continually developed, with close links to on-going fundamental academic and applied industrial research, to meet the growing needs of our academic and industrial users.

In choosing Thermo-Calc, you are not just joining a worldwide user community of top material researchers, but you also get access to the scientific experience of the company. The thermodynamic and mobility databases are continually developed in the true CALPHAD spirit in close collaboration with universities and industrial partners. Together with new models and functionality, the theories and results are frequently published in various journals, hence being validated by the greater scientific community to ensure our high standards of quality.

For the industrial user, one main benefit is to save time. With thermodynamic and kinetic calculations, you avoid doing unnecessary experiments using simple calculations, speeding up your various processes.  Another use of the software is that you can get a better understanding of your application, thus avoiding errors and other side effects, and many times it guides you to breakthrough ideas. All this together will accelerate your development and implementation of new materials into plant and products, i.e. the return on investment is unlimited.

Teachers may experience opportunities to give students insight into how to apply computational thermodynamics to real world problems. Teaching examples and much more can be found under our Academia section of the website.

Today Thermo-Calc Software is a solid and growing company that provides users around the world with the latest tools in the area of computational thermodynamics. With a proven track record and a large and growing user base, Thermo-Calc Software looks forward to continuously providing our customers with new tools which will serve the scientific and engineering communities. By investing in such a powerful tool as Thermo-Calc, you are being welcomed into the universe of computational thermodynamics and its endless applications.

Learn about the software:

Thermo-Calc - thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations for multicomponent systems

Diffusion module (DICTRA) - simulation of diffusion controlled phase transformations

Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) - treats concurrent nucleation, growth/dissolution and coarsening under arbitrary heat treatment conditions