Thermo-Calc has over the past 30 years gained a world-wide reputation as the best and most powerful software package for thermodynamic and properties calculations. It is widely used for a variety of calculations including calculating:

  • Stable and meta-stable heterogeneous phase equilibria
  • Amounts of phases and their compositions
  • Thermochemical data such as enthalpies, heat capacity and activities
  • Transformation temperatures, such as liquidus and solidus
  • Driving force for phase transformations
  • Phase diagrams (binary, ternary and multi-component)
  • Solidification applying the Scheil-Gulliver model
  • Thermodynamic properties of chemical reactions
  • And much, much more…

Calculations Made on Sound basis

All calculations are based on thermodynamic and properties data which is supplied in a database. There exists a wide selection of high-quality databases for various purposes that include many different materials. The databases are produced by experts through critical assessment and systematic evaluation of experimental and theoretical data, following the well-established CALPHAD technique.

Flexible Dual-mode User-Interface

Thermo-Calc comes with two modes of operation. A Graphical Mode with a user-friendly activity-based interface and a Console Mode, where efficient command line interaction enables easy scripting. The user can freely choose which mode to use. There are also special modules for specific type of calculations, such as Scheil-Gulliver simulations of alloy solidification processes, calculation of Pourbaix diagrams and more.

Graphical Mode

The Graphical Mode offers an activity-based interaction where it is easy to set up and modify projects. By this, we mean that users generate a project from specifying and configuring a sequence of separate activities. For example, there are separate activities for defining a system, defining conditions for an equilibrium calculation, and for plotting results. These activities can be performed individually or in sequence depending on choice. It is easy to clone activity trees or save material settings into the material library.

Graphical Mode comes with localization support for some languages, i.e. English, Japanese, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Spanish and Swedish.​

Console Mode

The Console Mode is the powerful command line input option and corresponds to the former Thermo-Calc Classic (TCC). Old TCC macro files can be used in the Console Mode. The user can work with multiple independent console sessions in parallel and display several plots side by side or joined together. The Console Mode is a versatile option of this thermodynamic software that can perform more calculations than most users can think of. 

High-resolution Diagrams

Calculated diagrams can be saved with high resolution in common file formats, such as JPG, SVG, and PNG.

12-months of Free Maintenance & Support

When purchasing a license for Thermo-Calc, 12-months of free maintenance & support are always included. After this period, it is our recommendation that you renew this subscription to keep receiving automatic updates of the software, as well as to be entitled to have access to our technical support.