Current Software Versions

We plan two releases of our software per year on a regular, six month cycle. Below you will find the versions currently distributed.

Software: Current version: Release date:
Thermo-Calc 2020b 2020-06-25
Diffusion Module (DICTRA) 2020b 2020-06-25
Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) 2020b 2020-06-25
Process Metallurgy Module 2020b 2020-06-25
TC-Python 2020b 2020-06-25
TQ-Interface 2020b 2020-06-25
TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® 2020b 2020-06-25

Read our current release news or browse the archived release news

  • Beginning with Thermo-Calc 2019b, the Process Metallurgy Module is available to Thermo-Calc users who have the thermodynamic database TCOX8 or newer plus who currently have a valid Maintenance and Support Subscription. The Process Metallurgy Calculator, which is located within Thermo-Calc is available to all users for up to 3 components where you can use the OXDEMO database.
  • Beginning with Thermo-Calc 2016a, the Precipitation Module (TC-PRISMA) is located within Thermo-Calc and is no longer a stand-alone installation. 
  • Beginning with the spring 2015 release, the software releases are named after the year of the release rather than the number of releases. The year is then followed by an “a” for the first release of the year or a “b” for the second release of the year.