Property Model Libraries

Property Model Libraries are packages of property models that allow users to easily set up calculations in the Property Model Calculator.

The materials-specific packages, such as the Steel Model Library, allow users to quickly and easily calculate properties that are relevant to the field of study or application. Thermo-Calc also includes a General Model Library with a variety of materials-specific libraries under development and available in the near future

Steel Model Library

The Steel Model Library is the first material-specific Property Model Library for Thermo-Calc. The library, specifically developed to help those working in the steel industry, is introduced in 2019a and includes martensite and pearlite property models. 

The Steel Model Library is available for free to all users who have, or upgrade to, the thermodynamic (TCFE9) and mobility (MOBFE4) steel databases plus have a valid Maintenance and Support Subscription. 

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General Model Library

The General Model Library is composed of six models and is available to all users who have Thermo-Calc 2015b or newer:  

  • Coarsening model 
  • Phase transitional model
  • Driving force model
  • Interfacial energy model 
  • Equilibrium model 
  • Liquidus and solidus model (available in Thermo-Calc 2017a and newer)

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Thermo-Calc Software is currently developing property model libraries for nickel, aluminium and titanium-based alloys. A bainite model is also soon available with the Steel Model Library.

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