Customer-specific Databases

Custom database development can sometimes be necessary and may be a suitable option for some users.

Is a custom database right for you?

Development of databases containing thermodynamic, properties and kinetic data requires certain expertise and is relatively time consuming. Thermo-Calc Software employs a team of experts for this and also possesses a large library of assessed systems to base such work on. This makes Thermo-Calc Software a strong partner for those clients who wish to either improve or extend an existing database or develop a completely new database, but it also means that the process is a rather large undertaking. 

We constantly have a small number of funded projects running in which we extend an existing database on behalf of a client or a group of clients. If you believe your organisation would be a good candidate for such a project, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to discuss the possibility of having us develop a database for you. Under the right circumstances, we are happy to take on a project to generate databases which are developed to meet your specific needs. 

Please tell us about your needs by filling out the form below: