Mission & Values

Below you will find the mission and values that we work toward as a company.

Our Mission

To provide knowledge about materials to support innovation, development and production for increased quality in everyday life.

Our Values

Our values shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions. Within Thermo-Calc Software we have formulated three values that express how we interact with clients, as well as colleagues throughout the organization - regardless of status and geography. These values are Commitment, Cooperation and Fairness.

  • Commitment: To be committed and to keep commitments is crucial for Thermo-Calc Software’s reputation as a reliable supplier that offers good value to the customer.
  • Cooperation: Within Thermo-Calc Software we realize the power of teamwork and value a supportive attitude amongst colleagues and towards clients.
  • Fairness: At Thermo-Calc Software we believe in fair play. We are honest to ourselves and others and work actively to seek win-win solutions. We make sure to treat others in the same way as we ourselves would like to be treated.