Our Company

Thermo-Calc Software is a growing company that specialises in developing software for computational materials engineering. Founded in 1997, our software products are used for both fundamental research and applied research, such as design of new alloys, optimisation of processing conditions, failure analysis and much more.

Our flagship product, Thermo-Calc, is used by more than 1300 organisations located in more than 70 countries.

Company headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden and a fully-owned subsidiary of Thermo-Calc Software is located in Pittsburgh, USA. Additionally, we have local representation through partnerships in several other countries around the world.

Company core competences are:

  • Software development
  • Modelling and assessment of thermodynamic and kinetic data applying the so-called CALPHAD methodology. This competence spans a wide spectrum of materials, such as Al-, Fe-, Mg and Ni-based alloys, solid oxides and slag systems, for example.
  • Calculation of thermodynamic properties in various systems
  • Modelling and simulating the kinetics of phase transformations
  • Modelling and simulating multi-particle precipitation kinetics
  • Modelling and simulating the evolution of microstructure
  • Consulting through database development and calculations offering insight into customer problems
  • Project management
  • Training