Thermo-Calc is used extensively in academia for research purposes within a variety of different areas.

Information about the equilibrium or partial-/local-equilibrium state for a system or the kinetics of phase transformations is essential information for understanding many problems of scientific interest, but also for engineering challenges such as materials design and process development. An important feature of a thermochemical/kinetic databank is that it offers a fast way, compared to experimental work, to investigate influence from a series of external and internal factors. Moreover, a computerised thermochemical/kinetic databank has the advantage, compared to handbooks, in providing self-consistent, reliable and the most recent data. You can easily extract thermodynamic and kinetic information for use in your own models, and, when using one of our Software Development Kits (SDKs), your software can work interactively with the calculation core of Thermo-Calc.

There is a special package and discounted license fees available to academic institutions that have authority to teach and examine undergraduate students. The special package is referred to as the Academic Network Site Package (ANSP) and you can learn more about it on the Licensing Options page.