• Thermo-Calc 2019b is released

    Introducing Thermo-Calc 2019b and the New Process Metallurgy Module for Steel and Slag

    Learn about the new release
  • New Process Metallurgy Module

    The Process Metallurgy Module is a new calculator within Thermo-Calc that makes it easy to set up calculations for steel and slag. Learn more!

    Read about the Process Metallurgy Module
  • New Copper Databases

    Thermo-Calc 2019b includes two new copper databases: one for thermodynamics (TCCU3) and one of kinetics (MOBCU3). Learn more about the new databases.

    Learn about the new copper databases
  • New Oxide Database

    A new thermodynamic database for metal oxide solutions (including slags) is released in Thermo-Calc 2019b, TCOX9.

    Learn about the new oxide database