Thermo-Calc Releases

Thermo-Calc is on a two-times-per-year release cycle. Versions are named after the year of release and then an "a" for spring releases and a "b" for fall releases.

We periodically provides updates between releases when there are bug fixes or improvements that cannot wait for a full Release.


Thermo-Calc 2016b

Thermo-Calc 2016b was released in November 2016. This release focuses on fixing some outstanding issues and expanding the Scheil calculator. It also includes an updated version of the TCAQ3 database and updates to TCNI8 and TCFE8.

Read the 2016b Release Notes


Thermo-Calc 2016a

Thermo-Calc 2016a offers significant speed improvements, the integration of the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) into Thermo-Calc and much more. 

Read the 2016a Release Notes.  


Introducing the new Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA)

The Precipitation module originally known as TC-PRISMA has been integrated into Thermo-Calc, providing significant upgrades. 

All users with Thermo-Calc 2016a or newer can now try the Precipiration module (TC-PRISMA) for free using one of the new DEMO database pacakges automatically included in your software. 


Thermo-Calc 2015b

Thermo-Calc 2015b offers many exciting new features. View the video below to see the highlights of the release. 


Introducing the Property Model Calculator

An entirely new calculator that allows users to predict and optimize properties of materials based on models stored within the software.


Read the 2015b Release Notes

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