Test drive - DEMO

In order for you to evaluate Thermo-Calc, you can download a limited DEMO version of Thermo-Calc completely free of charge.

The limited DEMO version of Thermo-Calc differs from the full version in the sense that it is restricted to handle systems with 3 components or fewer, whereas the full version can handle systems with up to 40 components. However, please make sure to also note that the limited DEMO version only comes with three relatively small databases that are intended for evaluation purposes. The full version can naturally be ordered with more complete databases, as described in the database section.

Demo databases:

  • ALDEMO: Includes Al, Cu and Si (full ternary description)
  • FEDEMO: Includes Fe, Cr, Mn, Ni and C (subset of TCFE)
  • SLDEMO: Includes Ag, Cu and Sn (full ternary description)

After a download, this version will run for approximately one month before the license key expires and the program ceases to operate. Please note that this version is only intended for evaluation of the software and for no other purpose.

The limited DEMO version is just like the full version available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS computers, but make sure that your computer fulfils the system requirements.