Current software versions

We plan regular releases for all our software. Below you find the versions currently distributed.

Software: Current version: Release date:
Thermo-Calc 2016b 2016-11-22
Diffusion module (DICTRA) 2016b 2016-11-22
Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) 2016b 2016-11-22
TQ-Interface 2016b 2016-11-22
TC-API 2016b 2016-11-22
TC-Toolbox for MATLAB® 2016b 2016-11-22

Read about our most recent release

Beginning with Thermo-Calc 2016a, the Precipitation module known as TC-PRISMA is located within Thermo-Calc and is no longer a stand-alone installation. 

Beginning with the spring 2015 release, the software releases will be named after the year of the release rather than the number of releases.

The year will then be followed by an “a” for the first release of the year or a “b” for the second release of the year. Therefore, this Thermo-Calc release is known as Thermo-Calc 2015b rather than Thermo-Calc 5.1.

Each software product, such as DICTRA and TC-PRISMA, will also have a subversion number so that users can easily track updates and bug fixes. The subversion numbers can be found within the software under the Help menu > About.