Educational package for Teachers

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Note that the included software, i.e. Thermo-Calc 4A, is a Limited Academic Version of Thermo-Calc that can be used for 1 year. It’s limited in the sense that the academic version of Thermo-Calc can only handle 3 components or fewer, whereas the full version of Thermo-Calc can handle systems with up to 40 components.

Please make sure to also note that the limited A4 version comes with several thermodynamic and mobility databases which are relatively small and intended for evaluation purposes only. The full version of the software can naturally be ordered with more complete databases, as described in the database section.

Thermodynamic demo databases:

  • FEDEMO: Includes Fe, Cr, Mn, Ni and C (subset of TCFE)
  • ALDEMO: Includes Al, Cu Si and Sc (subset of TCAL)
  • NIDEMO: Includes Ni, Cr and Al (subset of TCNI)
  • CUDEMO: Includes Cu, Ti and Zr (subset of TCCU)
  • SLDEMO: Includes Ag, Cu and Sn (subset of TCSLD)
  • OXDEMO: Includes Ca, Fe, Si and O (subset of TCOX)
  • SUBDEMO: Includes C, H, Fe and O (subset of SSUB)
  • PAQ2: Public Aqueous Solutions Database: Includes: H, Na, Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, C, N, O, S and Cl
  • PG35: G35 Binary Semi-Conductors: Includes: Al, Ga, In, P, As and Sb
  • PURE5: Includes critically assessed unary thermochemical data for the concerned elements

Mobility demo databases:

  • MALDEMO: Includes Al, Cu Si and Sc (subset of MOBAL)
  • MFEDEMO: Includes Fe, Cr, Mn, Ni and C (subset of MOBFE)
  • MNIDEMO: Includes Ni, Cr and Al (subset of MOBNI)
  • MCUDEMO: Includes Cu, Ti and Zr (subset of MOBCU)

Note that the PURE5 database is only intended for extracting data for the pure elements when performing assessment work, or for tabulating or plotting thermodynamic properties of the pure elements.

Thermo-Calc 4A is only intended for educational purposes in an academic environment and for no other purposes.

Thermo-Calc 4A is just like the full version available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS computers, so make sure that your computer fulfils the system requirements.