Thermo-Calc and our related products are useful for educational purposes, i.e. to help gain an understanding of complex topics and to make education fun.

Thanks to a cooperation with Professors Mats Hillert and Malin Selleby from the department of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, we are able to provide an educational package for learning thermodynamics completely free of charge.

Our educational package for students can be downloaded on the right and contains the following materials:

  • Textbook: Computerized Thermodynamics for Materials Scientists and Engineers; Mats Hillert and Malin Selleby, Stockholm (2013)
  • Tutorials: A set of examples to help with understanding
  • Software: Thermo-Calc 4A, a Limited Academic Version of Thermo-Calc that can be used for 1 year. It’s limited in the sense that only up to 3 components can be selected. The Diffusion module (DICTRA) and the Precipitation module (TC-PRISMA) are also included and 2 components can be selected for these. In comparison, the full version can handle systems with up to 40 components.
  • Databases: Thermo-Calc 4A comes with a selection of several small thermodynamic and mobility databases that should be sufficient for solving the included examples.